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The Best Neighborhoods for Retirees in Orlando

March 24, 2023

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As people grow older, they look forward to retirement as a chance to unwind and have fun. And what better place than Orlando - the gorgeous city filled with theme parks, cultural events, excellent restaurants, and sunny weather? It's no wonder retirees find it a fantastic destination! However, figuring out which neighborhood suits them can be tricky if they are unfamiliar with the area. No need to worry, though. This blog post will help you discover some of the best neighborhoods for retirees in Orlando!

The list of the best neighborhoods for retirees in Orlando

Moving to a new neighborhood can feel overwhelming, especially for retirees who want to settle in a different city. Therefore, when moving to Orlando and hiring residential movers, you can also get valuable insight from them as locals and experts in the field. So, during your search for Orlando movers, it's essential to consider the neighborhoods that suit retired people best.

Many options are available here in Orlando – from quiet areas like Winter Park to more active communities like Baldwin Park. Choosing the right neighborhood is vital when planning your retirement because it can make all the difference! So, take some time, research carefully, and seek advice to find an ideal match for your lifestyle needs. 

Thus, to help you get your suitcases ready and prepare for your move, let's look at some of the best neighborhoods for retirees in Orlando - giving you better knowledge and helping you select what suits you most!

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Winter Park

Winter Park is an excellent place for retired folks to live in Orlando. This lovely, peaceful neighborhood is just a short drive from the city center, so it's pretty convenient. In addition, you can find plenty of cultural things here - like visiting museums, galleries, or theaters.

Rollins College is nearby, which has classes specially designed for seniors who want to keep learning new stuff. And if you're into nature and fresh air, Winter Park has many parks and gardens (like Mead Botanical Garden) and markets to buy local produce (like the Winter Park Farmers Market). So, all in all, it's an ideal spot for anyone looking for peace & quiet surrounded by beautiful scenery!

Lake Nona

Lake Nona is a really great place for retired people to live in Orlando. It was built specifically with retirees in mind, so they have everything they need right there. There's a town center where you can go shopping and eat at restaurants and parks to enjoy the outdoors.

If healthcare and wellness are important to you, Lake Nona has top-notch medical facilities like the VA hospital or UCF College of Medicine campus. The community is full of friendly people, too, who love getting together for different activities- perfect for meeting new friends!


Celebration is a delightful area only a short drive from Walt Disney World. It's an ideal spot for retirees who adore all things Disney and want to experience the charm of a small town.

Celebration was created to look like a small town straight out of the 1900s, complete with lots of fun stuff such as coffee shops and restaurants, golfing opportunities, and plenty of places to walk or bike around in. The community hosts various events throughout the year, too, so retirees can stay involved in their neighborhood while staying active at the same time!

Baldwin Park

Another fantastic spot for retirees is Baldwin Park in Orlando. This area is perfect if you want to stay active and on the go. Many interesting things like parks, hiking trails, and even a gym!

Plus, there are many places to eat out, shop, or have fun nearby. And the best part? Downtown Orlando is just a quick drive away, so you can experience everything this vibrant city offers!

Lake with boardwalk and homes in distance


The next on our list is Clermont - a neighborhood located west of Orlando. It's a popular choice for retirees who want to enjoy a more laid-back lifestyle. Clermont offers a wide range of outdoor activities, including:

  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Hiking

The vicinity also has many golf courses, making it a popular choice for golf-loving retirees. Clermont is a great choice for retirees who live in a quieter rural setting while still being close to all of Orlando's amenities. 


Maitland is a suburb located a few miles from downtown Orlando. This neighborhood is a great option for older folks who want to live in a quieter setting while still being close to all city amenities.

Maitland has many parks and recreational activities, including the Maitland Center for the Arts and the Lake Lily Farmers Market. The neighborhood also offers a wide range of shopping and dining options, making it an excellent place for retirees looking to enjoy their retirement life. Furthermore, Maitland is close to several major highways, providing easy access to other parts of Orlando. 


The ultimate place on our list is Oviedo - a family-friendly neighborhood located just northeast of Orlando. Oviedo is a peaceful community with a lot of amenities, such as parks, trails, and recreational activities.

Moreover, Oviedo has a strong sense of community and hosts many events and festivals throughout the year. The neighborhood also offers a variety of shopping and dining options, making it easy for retired families to enjoy their time together.

The takeaway from the best neighborhoods for retirees in Orlando

To sum up, you could've seen some of the best neighborhoods for retirees in Orlando. And indeed, it does offer some pretty attractive places for a more laid-back lifestyle while still leaving space for exploration and fun. So, whether you're looking for a peaceful or more active neighborhood, we're sure you'll find it here in Orlando. Plus, the city's warm and sunny climate, low cost of living, and variety of entertainment options make it an ideal place to retire. So, say no more and choose the perfect place to spend your retirement!

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