Top 7 Family-Friendly Restaurants in Orlando

February 24, 2023


Top 7 Family-Friendly Restaurants in Orlando

Top 7 Family-Friendly Restaurants in Orlando

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Whether you live in Orlando or you’re just visiting, it is for sure that you will have a fun time. Orlando is one of the bigger cities in Florida, which means that the versatility of places to see and go to is pretty high. This Floridian metropolis is consistently full of life, so there’s little to no chance you or your kids will get bored and not amused. Now, the one thing that tourists always look for when visiting a new location is a place to eat. There is no way that you can go sightseeing on an empty stomach. Plus, children are even more sensitive, and they could get cranky and not interested in a tour if you don’t take them somewhere nice to eat. To help you save time and get by, here’s a list of the top 7 family-friendly restaurants in Orlando.

1. Aloha Isle

Aloha Isle is an excellent restaurant choice. With its menu and atmosphere, this place radiates tropical, lively, and summer vibes. Your experience will be much better if you visit when the weather gets hotter. It has a vast selection of meals, drinks, and sweets, so you and your children will find something suitable. The prices are also approachable. Some of the things you can choose from the menu are Tropical Serenade, Dole whip floats, and Raspberry swirl cups. You can find the restaurant at 1180 Seven Seas Drive, in Adventureland. Adventureland is a part of one of the themed lands of Disneyland Park, which has a lot of interesting restaurants and coffee shops. Your children will love it. So, after a few drinks and a good meal, do yourself and the kids a favor and visit one of the happiest places in the world!

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Caption: Aloha Isle has a vast selection of meals, drinks, and sweets, so you and your children will find something suitable

2. Antojito’s Authentic Mexican food

If you’re a fan of spicy Mexican food, this restaurant is the right place for you. There are a lot of delicious meals on the menu which you can introduce to your kids if they haven’t tried them yet. The good thing for adults is that there is a possibility to order alcoholic beverages as well. If you pay a visit, you will enjoy Latin American music, the food, and the ambiance. Antojito’s Authentic Mexican food is located at 6000 Universal Boulevard. If you plan on moving to Orlando, whether it’s an interstate or a local move, consider buying an apartment in this district. It is very urban, with a lot of good places to eat.

3. Ana’s Brazilian kitchen

We are moving on to another restaurant serving Latin cuisine. If you want to try something new, Ana’s Brazilian kitchen is a terrific choice. The food is rated 5 out of 5 stars, alongside numerous positive reviews from customers from all parts of the world. Aren’t exceptional restaurants like these good enough reasons to visit or even move to Orlando and make it your new home? You will find all sorts of meat and vegetables prepared based on Brazilian recipes on the menu. The food is good, but the staff and the interior are delightful, as well. With a warm welcome, your kids will enjoy the ambiance and will want to come again. You can find this great place at 8865 Commodity Car Suite 5.

4. Pirates and Diner Adventure

This is something that will leave you, and especially your children, in awe. Pirates and diner adventure is a program of a Diner theater. It is an entertainment place where you enjoy a live show besides the tasty food. You get to see a performance done by professional acrobats and actors. This place is perfect for younger children since they can get restless sitting at restaurants. At a Diner theater, there is not a single part of the show which will bore them, and they will certainly want to stay much longer.

5. Bob’s Diner is one of the best family-friendly restaurants in Orlando

Just like other places we mentioned, this one deserves your attention. The food, staff, and service are all amazing at Bob's Diner. The number of meals on the menu is pretty high, so even indecisive children will find something they like. The prices are also great. If your hometown does not have many good family-friendly restaurants you can visit with your kids, consider selling your home and buying an estate and Orlando. Orlando is a big and urban city, and there will always be excellent places where you can safely go with your family without worrying.

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Caption: Amongst family-friendly restaurants in Orlando, Bob's Diner stands out as one of the best.

6. Senor Frog’s

Amongst family-friendly restaurants in Orlando, Senor Frog’s stands out as one of the better ones. The interior is colorful and is specifically made for very young children. This one is yet another Mexican restaurant with a great menu selection. Your kids will love the music and dances performed by the staff. One thing you might like is that there are special menus that the restaurant offers. They are for vegans and people who don’t consume gluten. This fact is important to point out since not every place meant for children has these options.

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Caption: Senor Frog’s most popular dish is pizza, which your kids undoubtedly love.

7. Oreganatta

This restaurant is a hidden gem. It offers a wide range of Italian dishes. The most popular one would be the pizza, which your kids undoubtedly love. But, if you happen to visit this place, try some of the many other delicacies. You will be blown away by how good the food and the atmosphere are.

This is just one of the many good restaurants in Orlando, a city you should visit at least once. If you cannot move permanently because of your job or the kids, consider buying a vacation house. You will come to this beautiful city occasionally when you need a rest.


There are a lot of good family-friendly restaurants in Orlando, but we picked our top seven. We suggest not being scared to try a new restaurant or a brand-new dish. Don’t be scared, or you’ll miss out on a lot.

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