How to Prepare for Your Local Move in Orlando

January 25, 2023

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How to Prepare for Your Local Move in Orlando

How to Prepare for Your Local Move in Orlando

Moving is rarely simple, whether relocating across the street or the country. However, you can
plan a move that won’t stress you out. All you need are the right tips to do so. At the same time,
you must understand that your move doesn't start when you pack the first box. In truth, lots of
planning comes first. Developing a plan at least two months beforehand can make the process
go much more smoothly. Therefore, if you need to prepare for your local move in Orlando, you
are in luck. We prepared a guide and a few tips and tricks to make your whole experience more
manageable. Read first, and thank us later.


Start preparing early

First, starting early is the best thing you can do when getting ready for any move, let alone a
local one. Moving is stressful, but taking care of things as soon as possible relieves some of this
stress. Furthermore, it guarantees you complete your tasks without rushing to finish them all
before the big day. And that can sometimes happen, especially if you have to buy and sell a
property simultaneously.

How early is early, then? When we advise starting as early as possible, we mean it because
time flies when packing and preparing for a move. You can be prepared and not even stressed
on the day of your relocation by starting as soon as you know you need to relocate. Even if it is
a few months in advance, by doing so, you will have a great experience instead of a dreadful


Make a checklist

The next thing you need to do to prepare for your local move in Orlando is to make a checklist.
Trust us. Whether it's your first time moving out or your 10th move, you'll need a checklist. Only
after having one the timeline-building process can begin. Furthermore, planning your move in
week intervals, eight weeks, four weeks, two weeks, and so on, is a wise idea. Doing this will
make your relocation easier as it is divided into smaller, more manageable tasks.

Prepare your future home for your arrival

Remember to think of your new home, even if you may be focused on everything you need to
do in your current home. After all, your new home needs to be ready for your arrival. Therefore,
ensure to transfer your mail and utilities from one residence to another. Repair what can be
repaired and replace what you cannot. Also, do all the renovations and upgrades before you
bring in your stuff. And when you finish with all the preparations, do a thorough cleaning. Even if
you buy a luxury home that is clean as a whistle, it will never be as clean as you like until you do
the cleaning yourself.



Even a simple local move allows you to sift through your belongings and determine which ones
you won't use in your new home. Experience has shown that moving more things requires more
time and money. Thus boxing and shipping unnecessary home items is a waste.
The good news is that you can solve this problem with simple decluttering. Therefore, sort your
belongings into three piles: to keep, to give, and to throw away. Some things you have sorted
through and designated as unnecessary can be gifts to loved ones, friends, or neighbors.
Others can be donated to charitable organizations, sold at a garage sale, or online.

Gather packing supplies

The first thing you should do if you have decided to pack everything by yourself is to stock up on
packing supplies. And as you probably guessed, everything revolves around the boxes. You'll
require clean, robust boxes in different sizes and preferably with covers. There are various
places where you can find them. First, visit nearby shops and markets and ask if they have
boxes. Chances are that they have appropriate boxes they no longer use and will likely offer
them to you at no cost.

The second option is to inquire whether any friends, family members, neighbors, or anybody
else who may have recently moved has any extra moving boxes available. Finally, you may

always purchase a wide variety of boxes from a moving business if your search for free boxes is
unsuccessful. However, remember that along with boxes, you will need packing paper, bubble
wrap, packing tape, markers, scissors, labels, and other supplies. Once you have all the
supplies you need, you can start packing.

Ask for help

You must also decide who, if anyone, will help you prepare for your local move in Orlando. You
might want to ask for help from your friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers. It can take a long
time and a lot of work to do it all by yourself, so try to involve other people in the process.
On the other hand, hiring specialized movers is also a terrific option. In reality, when experts can
give a hand in your relocation, your moving experience will be much more enjoyable. However,
ensure that you reach out to them on time so they are available on the day you choose for your


Clean your previous home

Before leaving your former home, and especially if you are selling it or renting it, you must clean
it thoroughly. Therefore, go from room to room and clean from ceiling to floor. Dust every corner
and nook, wash the windows, and vacuum the whole house. Pay special attention to the
bathroom and kitchen, as they are the most important rooms in a home. Remove stains, mold,
and lime deposits. Clean the grout, wipe the mirror, and clean behind and under appliances. To
finish up, disinfect and open the windows to ventilate the rooms. Future residents will surely
appreciate your efforts.

Preparing for your local move in Orlando made easy

The tips mentioned above will point you in the right direction if you're trying to prepare for your
local move in Orlando. Therefore, remember to keep them close at hand if you are planning a
move now or in the future.

At ALIGN Real Estate, we’re more than your average agents. We’re lifestyle curators,
passionate professionals, and industry trendsetters. We infuse a higher level of thought
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How to Prepare for Your Local Move in Orlando

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