Making Your Property Appealing to Renters

November 15, 2022

Vacation Home

With so many options of places to stay, your rental property could get overlooked by travelers.
There are ways to make sure it gets noticed and booked. Whether you’re doing maintenance,
remodeling, landscaping, or marketing, getting noticed in a positive way is the first step. That’s
why ALIGN Real Estate has put together the following helpful tips and resources to help you
make an excellent first impression.


Fix it Up
Curb appeal matters. Your property should look good from the outside, so make sure the
shrubbery is trimmed, the grass cut, and when seasonally appropriate, have something in bloom
in the garden or on the porch. The entrances should be well-lit and easily accessible. Make sure
you have an adequate number of bathrooms for the number of people likely to stay there. A new
coat of paint, both indoors and out, can give the place a fresh, clean look. Bathrooms and
kitchen should be spotless, and when it’s time to replace fixtures and appliances, consider
upgrading them. If the dwelling is small, hanging mirrors can increase the sense of
spaciousness. Get rid of any clutter, and limit the number of knickknacks scattered about. Big
windows that let in plenty of natural light make any place seem more appealing.


Protect Yourself and Your Property
One way to protect your investment is with insurance, which is important. Indoor air quality
monitors as well as smoke detectors and security systems are good investments, too. Forming
a limited liability company (LLC) for your investment property business can protect you from
litigation. You can hire an attorney to form your LLC or do it through a formation service less
expensively. Consider whether you want to manage the property yourself or hire a property


Create an Appealing Listing
Although the written description of your property is important, the pictures are probably what will
pull people in. Luckily, you can combine both as a PDF in moments. And don’t worry if you've
never used an online PDF editor since there are plenty of free tools that are extremely quick and
easy to use. Be sure to show both the outside and inside of the place, particularly areas you
want to document, such as bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry area, as well as conveniences and
amenities, like a big porch or grill. Highlight any focal points, such as a fireplace, patio, balcony,
hot tub, scenic view, or outdoor kitchen.


Market Your Property
It’s important to advertise your property both online and offline. Consider free websites such as
Craigslist, Trulia, and Hotpads, and social media, in addition to listings you pay for. In your
write-up and pictures, consider who your target population is and adjust your strategy
accordingly. Make sure there are no people, pets, or clutter in the pictures you post. Whenever
possible, add some customer reviews to your marketing materials and web page. Potential renters will want to hear from former tenants, and they may express appreciation for aspects of the property you wouldn't have thought to mention.

Whether your rental property is a cabin in the mountains, a cottage near the beach, or a
bungalow in a small artsy town, there are ways to make it more tempting for renters. Keeping it
in tip-top shape with regular maintenance and upgrades is important. The ways you market your
rental can make a huge difference in who finds it attractive. Creating an alluring video that
showcases the best aspects of your property and the surroundings will quickly get more eyes on
your online advertising. Emphasize the positive, be honest about the limitations, and soon you
may have a waiting list.

At ALIGN Real Estate, we’re more than your average agents. We’re lifestyle curators,
passionate professionals, and industry trendsetters. We infuse a higher level of thought
and consideration into every move we make to create an exceptional experience. Call

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Vacation Home

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November 15, 2022

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